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Commercial Lighting Guys is committed to provide commercial lightning services that are of quality when the commercial lightning fixture comes off the line. Commercial Lighting Guys ensures the right packaging and our shipping is an important aspect in the quality process. In Commercial Lighting Guys we proudly display our name on all packages for commercial lightning cartons and corner boards.



In Commercial Lighting Guys we warranty our commercial lightning for up to one year. We will have to ensure that there are no defects in workmanship and in material in Commercial Lighting Guys. Repair for commercial lightning will always depend with our discretion in Commercial Lighting Guys. Commercial Lighting Guys is not going to warranty all commercial exterior lightning. An example in Commercial Lighting Guys where no warranty is guaranteed is the extreme condition of salt water environments and acts of Mother Nature whether expressly or impliedly.


Varieties of Commercial lightning

Commercial Lighting Guys is your go-to source for all commercial and residential pendant lighting needs. Commercial Lighting Guys is going to stem mount pendants in wet locations.With commercial ceiling lighting styles ranging from vintage warehouse to modern atomic era reproductions in Commercial Lighting Guys will give a range of fully customizable pendant light options to bring an exclusive look to your home.

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Commercial Lighting Guys has barn pendants which are based on nostalgic styles made popular with gas station lightning. We in Commercial Lighting Guys give high quality shades in commercial lightning and in a variety of colors which will provide a good length of years. For easy installation I commercial lightning fixtures then Commercial Lighting Guys is going to give different shade sizes and pendant styles. Reach us on 800-323-6015 to learn more on commercial lightning.

Commercial Lighting Guys has porcelain enamel lighting which is easy to customize with a rainbow of brilliant finish colors to choose from. The Wheeler Wall Sconce line in the commercial lightning in Commercial Lighting Guys includes options such as cast guard and glass or a wire cage and even a plug-in option if you want to have the mobility of a plug in commercial lightning fixture. Commercial Lighting Guys has all the colors in outdoor commercial lightning because their clients love them.

Commercial Lighting Guys loves introducing more whimsy to our clients who are used to traditional commercial lightning design. Commercial Lighting Guys will drive their clients to getting commercial lightning that they have never imagined.The deep bowl shade of the Wilcox Wall Sconces in Commercial Lighting Guys is a modern take on the traditional warehouse shade. These commercial lightning shades in Commercial Lighting Guys are hand spun from commercial grade steel then coated with three layers of porcelain enamel glass which is baked on to a rugged finish. The high gloss shine of porcelain enamel in Commercial Lighting Guys will never fade or corrode and will last for generations for all commercial lightning.

Commercial Lighting Guys is committed to the highest quality and all parts are powder coated after fabrication. In Commercial Lighting Guys anti-microbial white paint is used for commercial lightning which will prevent the spread of micro-organisms and suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria. In Commercial Lighting Guys we will clear coat finish shows steel imperfections, streaks, and variations for our commercial lightning.

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